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My work began as an exploration into the sexist stereotypes surrounding craft practices, specifically that of crochet and knitting. Through my practice I aimed to make a commentary on gender roles and female domestication, both with a goal of celebrating and combating these traditionalist ideals.

As my work progressed, I decided to juxtapose these concepts. What happens if you combine masculinity with something inherently feminine?

Previously I created a crochet straight jacket with the initial intent of it conveying isolation and constriction, however I never felt I had truly explored the idea. Now felt like a perfect time to revisit this.

Take a straight jacket- an article of clothing riddled with horror and a history of barbarity, a rich association with mental health and confinement. Cover it in intricate crochet and put a man in it and what does it say?

1 in 10 men report experiencing depression yet less than half seek treatment. Over 3 in 4 suicides are by men, yet men are taught to suppress and conceal. Real men don't cry.


Contact: Instagram - rachw_art 

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