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In my recent work, I have been exploring overlapping contexts that objects are placed into based on the situations they are in. This can change based on layers of relationships that form when different objects are introduced to each other. Sometimes, an array of items can be united by one other factor, creating a new “layer”. This idea was inspired by the work of Teppei Kaneuji and his exhibition White Discharge (2002 onwards). This has allowed me to begin with no specific concept, taking a much more improvisational approach. For example, I began using hot glue to attach many random objects such as toothpaste, ribbon, cards, beads, and empty containers to a white foam board. In Japanese, white represents both existence and non- existence. I chose specifically to make the structures holding up my work white to explore this in relation to the objects in the piece. I am interested in this because I like to explore the differences between tangible and intangible matter in my pieces. The work includes three pairs of glasses to view the piece. They are quite strange and childish in appearance. To truly explore all the layers and situations that the objects can be exposed to, the viewer must involve themselves directly with the work. What I am interested in is which glasses will be chosen the most, and which will be enjoyed the most, because the lenses of the glasses are each a different primary color as well. I have created a virtual experience that includes the glasses by changing the hue of my piece in the photograph above three separate times. How will this change the viewers’ emotions as they see the work? Although this piece cannot be used in the same way as it is originally intended, it still allows a rich discussion about what each context it is put in provides it.

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