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Can quavers be a form of art? For my work, I wanted to find out and to show if the crisps Quavers can be a form of art. To do this, I’ve been trying various ways from 2D, 3D and video. I’ve been looking at the variety of shapes that you get from Quavers, not the colour. I’ve used bright, bold colours to give it a different look.  I’ve been experimenting with different materials to achieve this and to show different textures and patterns within my work. Philip Taaffe and Laura Owen have influenced me a lot throughout this process. From the colours and the patterns, you could say their work is ‘weird’ and that’s what I look for in my work. I’ve loved using printmaking for my work. By creating a Lino cut of the sculptural shapes of my quavers sculpture, I have been able to print my quavers shape in various ways. Before the lockdown, I wanted to create massive, brightly coloured prints to show a trippy side but I could only create small prints. I would love to try and take this further and to use different materials and processes.

Contact: Instagram - kirstyfineart 

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